With a history dating back to 1808, Ames True Temper is one of the world’s oldest suppliers and manufacturers of lawn, gardening and professional tools. Starting in Vermont, USA, the company has since grown to become a global brand known for its quality, reliability and superior performance. It is now run by Griffon Corporation which takes care of the production and distribution of its complete range of products to countries around the world.

A Complete Product Selection

There is a wide variety of equipment sold under the True Temper brand. This includes gardening necessities such as rakes, edgers, hoes, forks, hole diggers, and wheelbarrows. The company also sells shovels for dirt and snow, plus a variety of spades and scoops. There are also items such as axes, picks, sledgehammers, saws and sheers available. Finally, they stock a range of smaller hand tools like trowels, weeders, cultivators and much more.

Useful in a Range of Scenarios

The True Temper line of products is made for both DIY and professional use. From small backyard projects to large landscaping jobs, these tools will tackle even the toughest tasks and allow the user more capabilities when working outdoors. The sheer performance offered by these products can be seen in the many awards the company has won for design, innovation and service. The company even manages its own community garden in Pennsylvania which was designed and created, and is now maintained, by the brand’s own products and tools.

Superior Gear Sold Worldwide

These items are now sold by distributors and resellers around the world. United Tools is proud to be one of those chosen to stock these items in Australia as we believe that this is a brand which truly cares for its customers. Whether you are a home gardener or a professional landscaper, there is no better choice available.

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