Apex Tool Group, also called ATG, is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and distributors of hand and power tools. These are made for a wide range of markets including industry, automotive, assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and home DIY projects. Made for professionals and trade enthusiasts, ATG’s range of tools is intuitive, easy-to-use and a must-have for any tool collection.

Quality Tools in All Brands

Their product portfolio contains more than 30 world-class brands including SATA, Weller, GearWrench, Lufkin and Cleco. Apex Group also manufactures its own range of premium mechanic tools under its own private label. Using the latest technology, their products feature innovative design that withstands even the toughest industrial work environments. Their prices are also of exceptional value for the performance each item supplies.

Gear Made for Your Field

As a popular retailer, ATG stocks three kinds of products. Their hand tools line includes mechanic & speciality tools, truck boxes, onsite storage and drill chucks suitable for a wide range of global industries. Their power tools include electric, air and pneumatic gear plus high performance bits, torque measurement devices, and top quality metal cutting & drilling solutions. Finally, they stock a range of electronics tools such as soldering irons, motion control detectors, ventilation solutions and more.

Local Service on a Global Scale

As well as being a leading manufacturer and supplier, ATG also works closely with distributers found around the world. This includes United Tools who are proud to stock the complete range of ATG brands as well as their private label products. Through careful product management, the firm is able to serve customer’s needs around Australia and across the globe. In their aim to become a leading global tool specialist, the Group offers a vast catalogue to help solve real-world problems found in the local industries of each country.

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