The Bosch Group has its roots back in 1886 when its first workshop opened up. Since then, it has transformed into one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of automotive parts, industrial technology, power tools, household appliances, energy solutions and more. Even now, the Group strives to push the boundaries with more than 4,600 patents applied for worldwide. Last year, the firm released over 100 new products too: further proof of its drive towards strength, innovation, customer focus and engineering prowess.

A Vast Selection of Gear

The Group has manufactured a wide range of tools for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. This includes a range of cordless tools such as impact drills, rotary hammers, saws, benchtop tools, planers, routers, sanders and angle grinders. Within this range, the brands Skil and Dremel are also included.

They also stock a range of car parts and accessories for the auto fanatic and fulltime mechanic. From batteries, bulbs and spark plugs to brakes, drive belts and sensors, they stock the full range of vehicle components. The firm even produces spare parts for petrol, diesel and electric motors for vehicles of all types.

Finally, the Group also produces and sells a selection of gardening equipment such as lawnmowers, grass trimmers, shredders, chainsaws, leaf blowers and more. Accessories for these items are also sold for increased use and longevity.

Ordering Tools, Parts and Accessories

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