Become a Supplier

Supplier Benefits

Being a supplier to The United Tools Group gives you access to our extensive network of stores across Australia. We have the opportunity to work together in bringing the best return on investment to your business by getting you involved in our catalogue, sale days and marketing programs. These activities are rolled out both in-store and online giving your brand exposure across our retailers on a national level.

Suppliers’ contribution to the United Tools Group

You will be joining The United Tools Group as a partnership; we aim to work alongside one another to pool our resources to get the best possible results for our members and in turn your business. We aim to utilise your sales strategy and pull through methods that we use to identify the best opportunities within our store network. The United Tools Group will act as a conduit to ensure that both the supplier and group members receive positive results throughout our partnership.

Access to Group Members

We encourage both our members and suppliers to be in constant communication with one another, we feel that the more communication you can have the better. The more touchpoints the suppliers can have with our members the stronger the relationship and in turn a more positive sell-through of the brand.

Supplier Events

  • Conferences
  • Catalogue Program
  • Collated Buying Programs
  • Indent Order Programs
  • Sale Day Opportunities

How do you become a Supplier?

We are always looking to expand our supplier network so should you be interested in becoming a supplier for The United Tools Group please reach out to our support office to begin discussions of a potential long-term relationship. As a team, we will do our research and assess which categories you’d fit best within our group. From here we will have a clear outlook of any opportunity with our members and you as the supplier.

Our Suppliers

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